Commercial Legal Services

Retirement & Exit Strategies

Thinking of passing on your assets or wealth to the next generation?

Would you like to save thousands in tax bills and maximise your pension funds tax efficiently?

We offer advice on this and we can liaise with tax advisers to put together a unique retirement / exit strategy for you.

We advise on this and on:

Business Succession
Sale of Business/Practice
Wills and Estate Planning
Shareholder Agreements

Marketing Businesses & the Law

Media Law Issues
Data Protection

Property Developments & Transactions

Thinking of investing in property? Thinking of developing property? Having trouble with a tenant?

We have years of experience advising clients on all these matters. Time and time again we have shown that a strategic approach pays off. The technicalities of the law itself are important but good legal solutions offer value – we aim to give practical commercial advice from the outset.

We advise on matters such as:

Nursing Home Schemes and other Capital Allowances Schemes
Short term Letting Agreements
Property Sales and Purchases
Property Developments (From Greenfield to Turnkey Legal Services, RIAI Contract Disputes)
Landlord and Tenant Disputes
If time is of the essence why not complete our Business Property Questionnaire and send it to us by email. We’ll have a clear brief and will get the ball rolling.

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Business Owners/Managers & the Law

Do you worry about the cost of making sure all the correct paperwork is in place for your business?

What price do you put on having a stress free night’s sleep so that you can focus on running your business and not firefighting with paperwork and claims? In the business world mistakes and poor systems are costly: You’d be surprised how much more straightforward your processes and dealings are with the proper paperwork in place. We can help with this.

Terms and Conditions of Supply
Employment Law, Consultancy, Redundancy and Outsourcing, Grievance Procedures, Contracts of Employment
Debt Collection
Enforcement of Contracts /Breach of Contracts
Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Franchise Arrangements
Injunctions – Urgent Court applications to prevent dissemination of information, relocating of assets etc.
Breaches of Competition Acts
Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
Challenges to Tender Procedures and Contract Awards
Venture Capital Arrangements

Why not call or email us to get a free estimate of how much it might cost to put the paperwork in place for your business? We can tailor a pack to suit your needs and budget. Clear the way for you to worry less and sell more…

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Ever wonder how best to proceed when starting up a business? How to protect your investment?

Where will you get funding and how what are the implications of the paperwork?

Is is best to operate as a sole tradership / partnership or to incorporate?

Advantages of incorporation include:

Limited liability
Lower tax rates (currently 12.5%)
Building up a pension fund tax efficiently
But there are drawbacks:

Paying annual filing / accounting fees
Benefit in kind tax
Possible double charge to tax – i.e. after having paid tax through the company, a shareholder then has to pay tax on income / dividends they receive
Not only this but for certain kinds of business (e.g. e-commerce) the residence, management and control of your company can be planned to maximise tax efficiency.

We are happy to advise on these matters and guide you to the best solution for you. To keep stress to a minimum we recommend entering into a partnership agreement or shareholders agreement if you intend to go into business with anyone else – that way everyone knows what the plan is and any misapprehensions can be ironed out in the early days before escalating into a bitter dispute down the line. e.g.. What if one person ‘wants out’? What a shareholder dies or is declared bankrupt or is convicted of a crime? What if the company receives an offer from an outside buyer? What if one person abuses the company’s data?

It costs an awful lot more to litigate a case where there has been no written agreement than it does to engage us to help you draw up a clear partnership agreement or shareholders agreement making matters clear from the outset.

– Partnerships, Sole Traders, Companies – Download Startup Questionnaire